Animal Communication Readings and Healings

Animal Communication

Puzzled, perplexed or even peeved about your pet problems?!?!

If so, you may be dealing with concerns like these:

  • Tummy troubles the vet can’t solve (no appetite, nausea or vomiting; food intolerance, urinary pain or marking… and more)

  • Fear, trauma or aggression (common with rescued or feral animals)

  • Bonding issues (better understanding and connecting with your animal)

If so, I can help you hear, and heal, your animal (hint: and maybe you in the process!)

It can be frustrating to downright heartbreaking to watch an animal struggle and not know what to do. Even more so when it impacts you too.

Some spend a fortune on a vet or trainer with little to no result. Others fear having to do so as it is not in their budget, yet they do not want to give up on their animal.

For example, you love your cat, but you don’t know when they’re going to scratch, or why.

You adore your dog but can’t take the marking around the house.

You’re delighted with the animal you rescued, but aren’t sure they trust you, or feel safe–or have behavioral issues.